Monday, February 2, 2015

Great Manufacturing Starts With a Great Foundation & Great Partners

Over the summer we had the opportunity to work with a long-time Michigan company, E&E Manufacturing in Plymouth.   We’ve been proud to be E&E’s construction partner on a number of large machine foundation and press pit installations over the years but this job was particularly exciting for us.

E &E Manufacturing of Tennessee was installing the first integrated Schuler servo press in North America, a new 1405 ton Schuler press at their Athens, Tennessee plant and they picked us to handle the design/build of the machine foundation and press installation.

This was a unique job in many ways, but one thing that stands out was we had to call in a geologist to assist with the pre-planning to ensure the pit we had designed would be on a firm footing.

There’s a lot of limestone in Tennessee and we knew we’d need demolition, as some of it would interfere with the design.  But we also needed to make sure there were no underground streambeds, caverns or other unplanned interferences that would make the pit installation unstable.

For the whole story on this installation and what we did to create a perfect fit for the new Schuler press that even impressed their German engineers you can check out our feature story in FF Journal.

Bringing in the geologist and putting together CAD drawings before we started the job that took into account the plant workflow to create as little interruption to their operations are all part of the million and one things that go into a proper press pit installation like we addressed in our last article.

Are you looking for a machine foundation contractor that will be your partner?

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