Monday, October 6, 2014

How Do You Build a Solid Machine Foundation on the Edge of a Volcano?

Employing a unique construction process, Delta Industrial took on Mother Nature...and won.

We designed and built a foundation for a Linx machining center for A & G Machine Incorporated, a supplier of sophisticated high tech parts to the aviation industry.
Located in Auburn, Washington, the plant where we were tasked to build the foundation was located in an old riverbed, near potential volcanic activity.   Undaunted, our skilled engineers designed a substructure that could withstand a natural disaster and prevent any shifting of the machinery.
Another wrinkle we had to overcome was the machinery on top of our machine foundation produces precision parts with extremely tight tolerances — as small as ten thousandths of an inch. So, the machine’s foundation needed to be 100% solid and ultra-stable to maintain the necessary integrity.
machine foundation

Meeting the Challenge for an Ultra-Stable Machine Foundation

To do this right our team had to strategically reinforce the base with helical pilings. Instead of pouring the concrete in multiple stages, we used an innovative monolithic pour to construct the five-foot thick reinforced concrete that made up the machine’s foundation.

Increased Construction Efficiencies = Happy Customer & Leads to More Construction Projects

By doing this we were able to enhance the construction efficiencies and increase the structural strength of the base. This project, with conveyor system, was completed in only 14 weeks.
The telltale sign that A & G Machine and Linx were happy with the results were the additional projects they then asked us to do. Linx also listed Delta as a preferred supplier of foundations for their machining centers.

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